Take Control with a Content Management System

Some great sites have content (stories, images, etc.) accessible only through direct file editing by a skilled coder. A basic content management system (based on WordPress) offers a number of key benefits:

  • The client regains control of all content
  • Easy to use administration screens
  • Word processing like approach to adding text, images or video clips

In approaching such a project, we can:

  • Work with any hosting company to set up a WordPress site
  • Install some standard plugins (e.g for backup and site maintenance needs)
  • Generate the first edition of the published site
  • Easily migrate content from any previous site to the new site
  • Post information from any client supplied digital sources
  • Train the client’s Content Manager with any needed skills

When branding is a priority our collaborative graphic designers can also develop new logos, unique layouts and color palettes to make the site standout.