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While content management systems like WordPress are a great way to establish a functioning web site with many features, they are not always the right platform to make a client’s business needs more efficient and flexible. Without the overhead and constraints that a generic platform can bring, our ‘framework’ includes many features that can jump start your app:

  • Login/membership control
  • Multiple levels of administration users (e.g. individual, regional and central/HQ)
  • Customer relationship management backbone for sales and consulting businesses
  • Generate and save business charts
  • Business tracking and reporting
  • PDF document generation
  • Spreadsheet type input
  • File import and export
  • and much more

The automation of business processes across a secure internet can have enormous financial benefits. In some cases the web app is the business.

We can work with a client’s employees to examine what business processes are to be automated and which of these processes may be improved with a web-based implementation.

Financial Charts
Examples of Dynamically Generated Charts