How Much Does a Website Cost?

We are often asked how much does a website cost. It’s a good question because without proper funding a website project can be short changed and the results less than desireable.

We like the analogy of building a house. It’s cost will depend on a wide variety of factors. How many rooms, what types of fixtures will be used, whether an interior designer will be involved, whether an architect will design the house. Websites have parallel equivalents in say the number of Pages, how users will interact, whether graphic design will be needed for a unique look and whether custom features will be needed to perform special business functions.

So what do the components of a project look like?

  • First a project will need a domain name or ‘address’ that visitors and search engines will use to find the site on the internet.
  • Next a hosting service will need to be engaged to actually carry (host) the files used to deliver the site’s content, behavior and appearance.
  • Some free or premium themes can be used as a basis for the site’s appearance.
  • Some free or premium plugins can be added to extend the functionality
  • A graphic designer can then develop a site’s appearance, layout and branding
  • Coders can add custom functionality on top of or in parallel with plugins already installed
  • Copy editors can prepare and fine tune the needed content.
  • Photographers can capture needed imagery.
  • Videographers can make film clips and tutorials.

And this doesn’t cover the effort that might be needed for social media, email and other marketing campaigns.

Without an agreed upon project scope, getting a fix on all these variables is almost impossible. What we can say is that in our experience our projects can range from around $1,500 to up to and over $50,000. The former corresponds most with establishing a simple web presence and the latter corresponds to a multiphase internet based business web application.

As in buying a house, the question might also be: how much do you want to spend?