About Us

Robert Cordingley founded Cirrillian early in 2004 to meet the needs of companies that lack the time or the in-depth, in-house resources necessary to explore the potential of internet software technologies. We are based in Santa Fe, NM where the collaborative talents in the arts, design, sciences and technology are readily available. Our mission is to help businesses develop stunning improvements in their performance with appropriate use of web technologies. We solve real business needs facing owners by building innovative websites. Cirrillian founder Robert’s experience at a Fortune 50 corporation has given him a deep appreciation of business, industry and management. He understands the value of paying attention to details, working with cross-functional teams for larger projects and is committed to customer satisfaction. Robert has over 26 years of experience working with new technologies, managing successful strategic initiatives, developing systems and producing cutting-edge accomplishments. His pioneering work includes:

  • Complex business modeling with advanced optimization
  • Online real-time diagnosis and heuristic control
  • Integrated intelligent manpower scheduling
  • Content management systems
  • Business rules and compliance systems
  • Intranet delivery strategies
  • Commercialization of toolkit technology

We have adopted a Privacy Policy. Cirrillian is our Registered Service Mark. Our Business License number is #13415.